Joe Plowman
Chief Executive Officer

Joe is an executive and private pilot. He has leadership experience managing operational support departments including information technology, marketing, finance, human resources, risk management, and outsourced legal. In addition, Joe is the Airvel lead for acquisitions.

George Acker
Director of Customer Experience

George is an accomplished business and organizational development executive who has driven enterprise growth and market development campaigns within numerous business sectors. His go-to-market strategies have been instrumental in market directions and broadened brand identities for organizations ranging from start-up to mid-cap companies. He has been a recognized sales and marketing leader, consultant, and frequent speaker.

Tracie Kobel
Director of Customer Experience

There is customer service, and then there is the customer experience, partner that with the drive to deliver excellence every time and you have a base for success every single time.

When you trust Airvel with you travel needs you are not only securing first class travel, but you are able to connect with me personally. I will make sure from wheels up to wheels down and beyond that you have the smoothest and the most worry free experience. I will always go the extra mile to ensure your flight requirements are met, I  don't build client data bases, I build friendships based onthinking outside the box, and focusing on the little things with the personal touch.