JetRight + Airvel Aviation Solution
Prepared for Mr. David Haywood
August 16, 2018

Mr. Haywood,

The JetRight team welcomes an opportunity to present a comprehensive private air charter solution to meet your needs.  We have put together a unique offering that we think you will find very interesting and favorable.  We propose the equivalent of a jet card in the form a debit account that can be used for discounted charter services directly with JetRight or with Airvel, our worldwide marketplace partner.



Charter Services Pre-Paid Debit Account

Recommended Deposit:  $150K

Part 1 - Discounted Round Trip Charter

  • Preferred customer L45/75 charter services offered at 7% discount off retail

  • Discounted Rate = $3580 per hour
  • Daily Minimum Reduced from 2 hours to 1.5 hours
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET), fees, overnights, and daily rate will be additionally billed

Part 2 - One Way Rate Structure

  • Customized one-way rate: $6500/hour
  • Includes all costs except for FET, fuel surcharge, and airport/ramp fees
  • Limited to flights inbound/outbound from Nashville
  • No daily minimums or overnights
  • Eliminates length of stay consideration at destination

Benefits & Flexibility

  • Enjoy all the benefits of discounted roundtrip charter along with one-way rates below national providers
  • JetRight scheduling will automatically select less expensive option between roundtrip and one-way pricing

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions concerns or thoughts regarding this proposal.  


Chris Rakaskas
(615) 762-7501 (cell)


About the Airvel Air Charter Marketplace

  • Airvel is a two-sided marketplace similar to Airbnb.  Customers can easily shop, book and manage charter flights. 

  • Instantly search thousands of FAA licensed charter aircraft nationwide.

  • No membership or pre-pay requirements…ever. 

  • Outstanding customer service. While technology is a key part of Airvel, great customer service is at the forefront of the business’s focus. Airvel has dedicated customer support staff that focus on providing the best experience possible.

  • Easily manage booked trips through your Trip Management page.

  • Airvel Strategic Partnerships provide upgrades, amenities, and special event access.

Example of Some Trip Options:

Airvel can provide options for travel to and from any location worldwide.  Click the options below to see actual results from the marketplace.

Airvel also offers a concierge search option.  Simply send a request to the Customer Experience Team, and receive a consolidated Trip Options Page that provides summarized aircraft options, information and pricing.

Trip Management for Air Charter 

Airvel has created an online trip management system.  A dynamic trip management page is created instantly for each flight. This customizable page includes flight details, passenger management, aircraft images, private terminal information, air charter operations details, and maps.

The trip page also includes functionality that allows others to join the flight via email or direct messaging. When invited, a passenger registers for an account and indicates that he or she will join the flight. Customers have the option to book the entire aircraft or share the cost with other passengers.


Private Air Charter Safety Standards

At Airvel, your safety and security is paramount and we will never waiver from our commitment to the most stringent standards of private air charter safety.

That’s why we only partner with trusted part 135 operators who meet our strict requirements for risk management and passenger safety best practices. With the help of industry-leading third-party auditors, we screen operators, aircraft and pilots using a variety of metrics to ensure they meet and exceed our standards.


As part of our flight management process, we partner with Wyvern and Argus to verify critical information about part 135 operators including:

  • Adherence to applicable FAA regulations and certifications
  • In-depth historical safety analyses
  • Pilot background checks, experience and training certifications
  • The results of rigorous on-site audits of their fleet
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Emergency response planning and training
  • Flight department training and certifications
  • Maintenance records

Airvel also has a mobile app to make booking air charter even easier.