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One Marketplace with 3,000+ Aircraft Where and When You Need Them


Airvel is the first private charter booking engine for over 250 make and model aircraft representing over 3,000+ aircraft!

  • No membership / no pre-pay private air charter.

  • Purpose-built marketplace for an immediate search of safety-rated Part 135 private charter options nationwide.

  • Dedicated Customer Experience liaisons to make it simple.

  • The dynamic Airvel Travel Dossier integrates with executive user profiles to manage preferences, passengers, trips, and trip history.

  • Airvel for Business tallies points toward Airvel Special Events with use and macro discounts with annual travel volume commitment.

We've made this efficient, effective, and consistent because we were personally frustrated by the current state of private charter.

We think we've built a better way to maximize the cost and time efficiency of executive charter. Have questions? Drop us a message at betterway@airvel.com or call us at 844.4.AIRVEL. We would love to help.