Air Charter Made Easy

You probably know the advantages of private air charters; like the time and cost benefits, or the ease and flexibility of travel. FAA-approved air carriers make travel effortless and enjoyable. So why was chartering a plane so challenging? We were frustrated. As you were too.

Without a centralized, nationwide network, travelers had to contact companies individually. Comparing planes and finalizing contracts was a tedious process. A charter broker could do it all for you. But that came at significant cost and restricted the options. Then prepaid jet cards came onto the scene to complicate things further: black-out dates, fleet restrictions, wasting money on hours you don't use.

We decided to do something about it, because private air charter can and should be for anyone. We simplified the booking process and made it completely transparent.

Airvel is an online booking engine for on-demand air charter, responsively watching supply and demand. Now all you need to do is search, select, pay and fly.




Airvel is free to use. You don't need a broker. You don't need a jet card and you don't need to feel pressured through sky-high membership packages.

There are no blackout dates, no hidden fees, no annual travel commitments nor surprises. So instead of thinking about how many hours you need for your jet card, search the marketplace for the flights you want. 


TRANSPARENT pricing & cost share options

You only pay for the flights you need. Like a commercial-flight search engine, Airvel allows you to compare all the available options upfront and online. So you can easily compare costs, routes and planes.

Then you pay online, just like you can pay for almost anything online.

Airvel also allows you to split the cost of a flight, while still operating within FAA Part 135 charter regulations. You can invite others to buy their seats and share the cost of the flight. You don't pay anything up front - money is deducted when everyone has bought their seat.


More flexibility and choice

The Airvel booking engine gives you access to over 4,000 FAA-approved aircraft and that number is growing all the time. By matching supply and demand you're able to search for aircraft that are ready to fly.

You can fly in and out of any regional airport in America. And you are never restricted to certain operators or fleets. Just search and select what's best for you.


Unsurpassed, RIGOROUS safety PROCEDURE

We make private air charter easy. But we don't cut corners, especially not on safety.

We only partner with air carriers that meet the rigorous requirements for certification specified by the FAA, as well as additional safety standards implemented specifically by Airvel. We share all third party auditor certificates and continually reviews operators and aircraft on the marketplace.


Experience The Airvel BOoking Engine